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Services include: General Podiatry Care, Fungal Nail Care, Ingrown Toenails (Conservative & Permanent Removal), Callus Removal, Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotic Therapy, Diabetes Assessments & Reports, Vascalur Assessments & Reports and Dry Needling. See below for details on each item.



General Podiatry Care

Don’t let foot conditions such as athlete’s foot, cracked heels and blisters prevent you from living an active lifestyle. Visit our Port Stephens podiatry clinics, Footprints Podiatry, for general footcare services treating a broad scope of conditions.

We offer specialised treatment for: Blisters, Corns, Calluses, Warts, Foot odour, Fungal toenails, Cracked heels and Athlete’s foot.


Fungal Nail Care

Fungal nail infections can develop rapidly and are often difficult to treat. The reason being, this type of infection thrives in the warm, moist conditions, created inside of your shoe. Those suffering from a fungal nail infection often develop a thickening of dead skin under the nail plate, as well as discolouration of the nail itself.

Our Tanilba Bay and Salamander Bay podiatrists can effectively treat fungal nail conditions, either conservatively or surgically, depending on the severity of the infection. Conservative treatment is generally used on minor fungal nail infections and involves either the cutting and thinning of nails, or an anti fungal treatment being applied.


Ingrown Toenails (Conservative & Permanent Removal

An ingrown toenail is a condition where a whole nail, or a portion, penetrates the surface of the skin. This condition can either be genetic, caused by trauma or incurvated nails, being overweight or the result of poorly fitting footwear. Our Salamander Bay and Tanilba Bay podiatrists have several ways to treat ingrown toenails, depending on the severity.

The use of conservative treatment, which involves cutting ingrown toenails in a specific way, as well as managing this condition by wearing the right footwear, etc, can help to alleviate this condition in the future.

Surgical correction or removal is another way to treat more critical ingrown toenail conditions. Sometimes only a small portion of the nail needs to be removed with surgery after a local anaesthetic is applied.


Callus Removal

A callus is a build-up of dead skin cells, caused by repetitive friction over time. Calluses can often become uncomfortable, due to constantly rubbing against the footwear in which it is enclosed. Our Footprints Podiatry podiatrists debride the callus in a non-invasive way, without discomfort.


Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotic Therapy

Malalignment of your body can often result in health concerns such as joint pain, which, over time, can become a permanent and debilitating condition. Biomechanical assessment is a medical procedure used to diagnose any alignment issues, enabling the imbalances to corrected. This type of assessment involves analysing the medical history of a patient, before undertaking postural alignment testing, which often incorporates gait analysis.

The treatment used to correct postural alignment issues is called Orthotic Therapy. Foot orthotics are used to treat a broad range of conditions including: plantar fasciitus, shin splints, flat feet, bursitis and knee pain.

Our podiatrists specialise in Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotic Therapy.


Diabetes Assessments & Reports

Diabetes is a condition that can impede blood flow to the feet, as well as causing permanent nerve damage in the affected area/s. If left unchecked, it can result in decreased mobility, and in more severe cases the whole foot needing to be amputated. Some of the foot related symptoms that appear if a diabetic is at risk include discolouration or skin breakdown.

It is vital for diabetics to have yearly Diabetes Assessments, to ensure that the condition is not restricting blood flow to the feet, or causing any nerve damage.

See our Footprints at the Bay podiatrists for an annual diabetes assessment and report, to avoid any future feet complications.


Vascalur Assessments & Reports

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in the hands, legs, arms and feet in some sufferers of diabetes. This condition can result in loss of sensation, as well as a range of other symptoms including skin ulcers and poor mobility. If it is not diagnosed in the early stages, those with acute Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy may require a foot, leg or arm amputation or it can even result in loss of life.

To diagnose this condition, podiatrists offer a vascular assessment, which incorporates analysing a patient’s medical history, as well as performing tests on the feet and legs. After the assessment is complete a report is then provided.

Our podiatrists offer comprehensive vascular assessments and reports.


Dry Needling

Myofascial pain is a result of “trigger points”, which are knots that build up in the skeletal muscle and fascia of the body. Dry needling is a technique used to assess and effectively treat Myofascial pain, directly through these trigger points. This type of treatment involves inserting an acupuncture needle into the trigger point causing it to twitch, resulting in the surrounding muscle then relaxing, as well as decreased pain and a higher range of motion.

We provide dry needling at our Salamander Bay podiatry clinic, for individually tailored treatment of Myofascial pain.