Prescription Orthotics

Our Footprints at the Bay podiatrists offer comprehensive Biomechanical Assessments to determine any postural alignment issues that require prescription orthotics. Once a thorough assessment is undertaken and any alignment issues are diagnosed, an orthotic is designed based on the contours of the foot. The areas causing the poor alignment have additional support to correct the problem.

Off the Shelf Orthotics

For high-quality orthotics offering superior support and cushioning, visit our Port Stephens podiatry clinic today. Our off the shelf orthotics are designed to alleviate impact on the body during regular activity while assisting with postural alignment.

We have a broad range of pre-manufactured orthotics for feet of all shapes and sizes, our helpful team are happy to provide assistance with all of your orthotic needs today.

Need support in summer? 

Footprints stocks the awesome @archiesfootwear – let us tell you why:
  • provides the same amount of support as a typical “off the shelf orthotic” which encourages a more optimal foot posture
  • elevated heel section to aid in reducing stress on the calves and Achilles’ tendon
  • they’re the choice of thong for many of Australia’s elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts 

Come in and check out the range!