We’re back on the 12th of January

As we embrace the beginning of the new year, Mayfield Family Podiatry/Footprints Podiatry Mayfield is delighted to announce the reopening of our Newcastle location this Friday, the 12th of January! Our experienced team of podiatrists, including Tiarna Bilham-Cox, Meg Suter, and Gabrielle Malley, is ready to assist you with any foot problems you may be facing. With appointments now available, we look forward to providing expert care and ensuring your feet are in optimal health for the upcoming year.

Mayfield Family Podiatry is strategically located in a convenient part of Newcastle, making it easily accessible for residents across the area. Our well-situated clinic ensures that patients from Newcastle and the surrounding neighbourhoods can easily reach us for expert podiatric care. Whether you’re in the heart of Newcastle or its outskirts, our location is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the community. We pride ourselves on being a centrally located hub for foot health, providing accessible and quality care to all individuals seeking our services in Newcastle.

Footprints Podiatry Mayfield – updated name

We are excited to share that we are undergoing a gradual transition in our name from Mayfield Family Podiatry to Footprints Podiatry Mayfield. This change aligns us more closely with the broader business identity and reflects our strong connection to the local community in Mayfield. As Footprints Podiatry Mayfield, we aim to leave a lasting impression on the foot health of our patients, symbolised by the name “Footprints.” Rest assured, while our name may be evolving, our commitment to providing excellent podiatric care and our dedicated team, including Tiarna, Meg, and Gabrielle, remain steadfast. We look forward to continuing our journey with you under our new name, reinforcing our dedication to excellence in podiatry within the heart of Mayfield.


Footprints Podiatry Mayfield
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