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Footprints podiatry broadmeadow


Catering to customers in the Broadmeadow area. Located – Level 1, 154 Lambton Rd, Broadmeadow NSW 2292, Australia



Podiatrist – Salamander Bay











Mission Statement

We are a team of experienced podiatrists, dedicated to helping our patients with their foot pain and general foot care so they can live comfortably and get the most out of life.

We provide expert treatment and achieve excellent patient outcomes through a blend of teamwork, ongoing professional learning, and commitment to quality care.

Multiple locations for your convenience

Visit our regional offices in Newcastle, The Hunter and Port Stephens, plus we have a mobile podiatry service for aged care and rehabilitative treatment.

Our main podiatry offices are based at Salamander Bay and Mayfield

Podiatry offices in and around Newcastle

Visit our newest location in Broadmeadow!

Footprints podiatry broadmeadow
Podiatrist care Salamander Bay and Mayfield Newcastle


We offer a complete range of general podiatry treatments for conditions such as:

  • Blisters
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Warts
  • Foot odour
  • Fungal toenails
  • Cracked heels
  • Athlete’s foot
Podiatry Salamander Bay and Mayfield Newcastle - Podiatrist performing a biomechanical foot assessment


Our podiatrists offer biomechanical assessment, which incorporates muscular, joint and postural alignment testing. After a diagnosis is made orthotic therapy is used to treat any alignment issues.
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    Podiatry Salamander Bay and Mayfield Newcastle - shock wave therapy


    Shock wave therapy is available at Salamander Bay. Please call to make an appointment.
    More info

      Podiatrists from Salamander Bay and Podiatrists in Mayfield doing home visits


      Home visits are available. Please contact us for more information.

        Rory is a senior Podiatrist at Podiatry Salamander Bay

        General Podiatry Care

        Don’t let foot conditions such as athlete’s foot, cracked heels and blisters prevent you from living an active lifestyle. Visit our Port Stephens clinic, ‘Footprints Podiatry Salamander Bay’, to treat a broad scope of conditions for general footcare services.

        We offer specialised treatment for Blisters, Corns, Calluses, Warts, Foot odour, Fungal toenails, Cracked heels and Athlete’s foot.

        Ingrown Toenails (Conservative & Permanent Removal

        An ingrown toenail is a condition where a whole nail, or a portion, penetrates the skin’s surface. This condition can either be genetic, caused by trauma or incurvated nails, being overweight or the result of poorly fitting footwear. Our Salamander Bay Podiatrists have several ways to treat ingrown toenails, depending on the severity.

        The use of conservative treatment, which involves cutting ingrown toenails in a specific way and managing this condition by wearing the proper footwear, can help alleviate this condition in the future.

        Surgical correction or removal is another way to treat more critical ingrown toenail conditions. Sometimes, only a tiny portion of the nail needs to be removed with surgery after a local anaesthetic is applied.

        Shock Wave Therapy

        Ask our podiatrists about shock wave therapy and any other options available.

        Callus Removal

        A callus is a build-up of dead skin cells, caused by repetitive friction over time. Calluses can often become uncomfortable, due to constantly rubbing against the footwear in which it is enclosed. Our podiatrists can debride the callus in a non-invasive way, without discomfort.


        Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotic Therapy

        Malalignment of your body can often result in health concerns such as joint pain, which, over time, can become a permanent and debilitating condition. Biomechanical assessment is a medical procedure used to diagnose any alignment issues, enabling the imbalances to corrected. This type of assessment involves analysing the medical history of a patient, before undertaking postural alignment testing, which often incorporates gait analysis.

        The treatment used to correct postural alignment issues is called Orthotic Therapy. Foot orthotics are used to treat a broad range of conditions including: plantar fasciitus, shin splints, flat feet, bursitis and knee pain.

        Our podiatrists specialise in Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotic Therapy.


        Diabetes Assessments & Reports

        Diabetes is a condition that can impede blood flow to the feet, as well as cause permanent nerve damage in the affected area/s. If left unchecked, it can result in decreased mobility, and in more severe cases, the whole foot needing to be amputated. Some foot-related symptoms that appear if a diabetic is at risk include discolouration or skin breakdown.

        Diabetics need to have yearly Diabetes Assessments to ensure that the condition is not restricting blood flow to the feet or causing any nerve damage.

        Book one of our podiatrists for an annual diabetes assessment and report to avoid future foot complications.


        Vascular Assessments & Reports

        Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in the hands, legs, arms and feet in some sufferers of diabetes. This condition can result in loss of sensation, as well as a range of other symptoms including skin ulcers and poor mobility. If it is not diagnosed in the early stages, those with acute Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy may require a foot, leg or arm amputation or it can even result in loss of life.

        To diagnose this condition, podiatrists offer a vascular assessment, which incorporates analysing a patient’s medical history, as well as performing tests on the feet and legs. After the assessment is complete a report is then provided.

        Our podiatrists offer comprehensive vascular assessments and reports.


        Home Visits

        Footprints Podiatry provides a mobile service and makes home podiatry visits for clients who are housebound and unable to attend our Salamander Bay podiatry clinic.

        We endeavour to support a range of community, health and environmental groups within the area.

        Footprints Podiatry Salamander bay are proud to support the following organisations:

        Annual sponsors of the Tomaree annual breast cancer support golf day at Nelson bay golf club.

        Salamander bay men’s shed

        Located within the recycling centre at salamander bay. A group of like-minded people out to help the community with any small building projects.

        Tomaree Triathlon club:

        Annual sponsors of the Tomaree annual breast cancer support golf day at Nelson bay golf club.

        Raymond Terrace Soccer Club:

        Prescription Orthotics

        Our Footprints at the Bay podiatrists offer comprehensive Biomechanical Assessments to determine any postural alignment issues that require prescription orthotics. Once a thorough assessment is undertaken and any alignment issues are diagnosed, an orthotic is designed based on the contours of the foot. The areas causing the poor alignment have additional support to correct the problem.

        Off the Shelf Orthotics

        For high-quality orthotics offering superior support and cushioning, visit our Port Stephens podiatry clinic today. Our off the shelf orthotics are designed to alleviate the impact on the body during regular activity while assisting with postural alignment.

        We have a broad range of pre-manufactured orthotics for feet of all shapes and sizes, our helpful team are happy to provide assistance with all of your orthotic needs today.

        Need support in summer? 

        Footprints stocks the awesome @archiesfootwear – let us tell you why:
        • provides the same amount of support as a typical “off the shelf orthotic” which encourages a more optimal foot posture
        • elevated heel section to aid in reducing stress on the calves and Achilles’ tendon
        • they’re the choice of thong for many of Australia’s elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts

        Come in and check out the range!

        NDIS registered provider for podiatry